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Tahi - Multifloral Manuka Honey (14.1 oz)
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Tahi - Multifloral Manuka Honey (14.1 oz)

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A superb every day multifloral manuka honey. It's thick, sweet and full flavored, great for tea, biscuits, oatmeal, in yogurt, with cheese and added to smoothies and juices.

Sustainably produced in Northland New Zealand Tahi honey is 100% natural and pure. Honey is gathered from bees that feed freely on the nectar of wildflowers and are never exposed to orchard pesticides and fungicides. This honey is never exposed to high heat or aggressive filtering which can damage its natural properties. We never add water, sugar, preservatives or chemicals. Tahi honey is just 100% pure honey.

All Tahi profits go directly to replanting, restoring and conserving our eco-system. Tahi has planted over 310,000 trees and restored 75-acres of wetlands.