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Tahi - Manuka Honey UMF 5+ (14.1 oz)
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Tahi - Manuka Honey UMF 5+ (14.1 oz)

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100% natural, pure and authentic UMF 5 plus manuka honey, sustainably produced in remote Northland, New Zealand at Tahi's eco-reserve.

Tahi honey is thick, creamy and aromatic with a full-flavored Manuka taste.

Tahi beekeeping techniques are sustainable, taking care of the bees and the environment. The bees forage freely in a conservation area and are not moved around, exposed to orchard pesticides or GMO crops. The bees are never fed sugar or corn syrup or given medicines. No pest control chemicals are used on the property. Happy healthy bees produce clean healthy honey. Every purchase contributes directly to conservation projects. Thank you for helping to restore wetlands and sand dunes and to plant native trees. Tahi began their rejuvenation project 15 years ago and has so far restored 14 wetlands and planted just over 310,000 indigenous trees to preserve the ecological and cultural heritage of the land.

UMF Association number 2035 guarantees authentic manuka honey.