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Down Under Bakery Coffee "Cafe Blend"
Down Under Bakery Coffee "Cafe Blend"
Down Under Bakery Coffee "Cafe Blend"
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Down Under Bakery Coffee "Cafe Blend"

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Flavor profile: Chocolate - Cherry - Praline

Blend: Peru 70% | Ethiopia 30%

We're roasting our own coffee!  This, our first custom blend, was designed to match what you'd expect in a good cafe in Wellington (NZ) or Melbourne (Australia).  Therefore it's particularly good as a flat white, but also works great as a filter coffee or cold brew. We particularly enjoy this as a long black or with an Aeropress.

This is the blend we served in our cafe for the last 18 months or so before it closed.

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Feedback From Coffee Subscribers:

"I'm hooked, transports me back to Brunswick Street" - Debbie Cherry, Manhattan

"Can't tell you how much I miss your Brooklyn cafe. Thank goodness I can still buy your coffee. Life wouldn't be the same without it" - Michael Law, Brooklyn

"Started out making flat whites at home with your beans but have lately been making long blacks. Lovin' it for both!" - Owen Peters, Chicago